Art Club Portugal

The Art Club Portugal is a website for a group of international artists who live in the Central Region of Portugal.

The members of the Art Club Portugal all have homes within a distance of the attractive market town of Castanheira da Pera. The wild beauty of the surrounding landscape provides an incentive to try and capture in paint the ever-changing colours of the mountains and the wild undisturbed forests. The traditional way of life in this part of Portugal remains unchanged and provides inspiration for the group.

Introducing Art Club members Jessica van Brakel
2013, 30x50cm, oil on paper

Art Club Portugal

Apart from their individual exhibitions, members of the Art Club Portugal already had some group and/or solo exhibitions. The first of these took place at the Casa do Tempo, in Castanheira de Pera at the end of August 2008. In 2009 the group had an exhibition in Ansiao. Those exhibitions highlighted the individual interpretation that each member brings to a given subject, and the range of materials used, from acrylics and oils to pastels and watercolours.

Old Dutch cloth with flowers Gerda Tio
2012, 20x20cm, mixed technique


Houses in Portugal Gerda Tio
2012, mixed technique on canvas


Flowers Sarah Bishop
Submission to the exhibition in Pedrogao Grande 2013